How to energize your group?

Do you recognize this?

You have been asked to facilitate a meeting. Maybe on a topic, maybe on team dynamics, maybe on something else. People rush in in the nick of time looking at their phones. Their head is still with the previous meeting, email or phone call. You need to get the group focused on the task at hand and fast. How do you do this?

Or maybe you recognize this: the group is low on energy after a long discussion, but they still have to think up a new idea/solve a problem/make a decision in the next twenty minutes.

I often use energizers for these situations. They come in many shapes and sizes, but they always share the same purposes:

  • Getting people connected with other
  • Getting people focused and ready for the task at hand

The energizer needs to fit the purpose and the team. There are many kinds of energizers. You can find 10 of them in my flyer on energizers. There are also a couple of them in the presentation below.

Below are some tips and examples about how to use energizers

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Often overlooked in setting the stage: the check in

Check-In Questions #hyperisland  #team 

This tool gives suggestions for how to do different kinds of check-ins. Checking-in is a simple way for a team to open a session or start a project. Groups go through different stages: when they start; during a project; and when a project ends. You can support the group by asking different questions at different times.

One of my favorites for facilitating meeting about team goals

Team Canvas Session #team alignment  #teamwork  #conflict resolution  #feedback  #teambuilding  #team  #issue resolution 

The Team Canvas is Business Model Canvas for teamwork. It is an effective technique to facilitate getting teams aligned about their goals, values and purposes, and help team members find their role on the team.

How to divide the bigger group in smaller groups for an energizer?

  • Count off and make a group of ‘ones’ and a groups of ‘twos’ and so on
  • Give the corners in a room a certain meaning and ask people to go to the corner that suits them them best
  • You can use personal information, like birthday months or house numbers or place of residence
  • Pre arrange groups
  • Be creative, you can use props, secret codes, hobbies anything really as long as it makes sense to you.


Resources on this site

There are already some resources on this site like:


I love this website about energizers and facilitating meetings by sessionlab. You can find any kind of energizer on this site.

How to use an energizer


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