How to manage your stakeholders?

Stakeholders...How do you manage them? First you need to know who they are and how much impact they have on your project. 

In my last blog you could read about how to identify and map your stakeholders. Here you will need to look at how to manage them. A well known way to do this is by using the power/interest matrix. 

Power interest grid stakeholdermanagement

Another way of managing your stakeholders is by using the table below.

I like this model because it takes more factors into account. It distinguishes between opponents, enemies and doubters and shows you how you can deal with them. The power/attitude grid does not take these differences into account. I use the power/attitude grid when I expect little to no resistance. I use the table below when I expect more resistance and need to be able to distinguish between different types of resistance. You can deal with each kind of resistance and support differently. How you do that will depend on the organization you are working in.

stakeholder analysis

"To make progress we have to build a multi-stakeholder process, harnessing the appropriate energies." ~ Mary Robinson

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Stakeholder analysis and management is not a solitary exercise. If you want to be successfull you need to harness the power and knowledge of the organization. Below you can find two of my favorite ways of making stakeholder management a group effort. This way it helps kickstart your project and it costs less time on your part. You need to start with sharing the most important conclusions from the analysis phase and let them correct you if necessary. If they cannot agree, ask who you need to resolve the issue and solve it outside the session.

RAACI #roles and responsibility  #accountability  #action plan  #project planning  #planning  #team 


* roles and responsibilities

* levels of autonomy/latitude in decision making

* levels of engagement among diverse stakeholders

Stakeholder Round Robin Brainstorm #idea generation  #brainstorming 

This can be used in any divergent process where there are different perspectives.

    Questions to ask during these group sessions:

  • What motivates these stakeholders regarding your project?
  • How do they feel about your project?
  • How do they feel about your work in general?
  • What information do they want from you?
  • What is the most effective way of delivering this information?
  • Are they likely to come and get information or do they expect you to bring it to them?

There are many different models and ways to manage your stakeholders. Since stakeholders are an important key to your success i will get back to this topic in later blogs.


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