Test: belbin teamroles

If you want to coach a team you need to know about the theories which tackle team dynamics. One of the most well known it Belbin team roles. I have used it often myself. You can find more resources on how I use the team roles in my blog, long read and podcast.

If you want to coach in team roles, you will have to know your own preferences and roles as well. Below you can find a fun quiz to get acquainted with your own team roles. If you need to get an official assessment of your team roles, please go to www.belbin.com.

What belbin team role are you?

This quiz is meant as a fun introduction to belbin. It is not a certified test to establish your team roles. You can find certified resources at www.belbin.com.
Resources for this test include: www.belbin.com , my own workshops and course
Test: belbin teamroles 1

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