Podcast: value stream mapping

The value stream runs from customer to supplier

The value stream is bigger than your company

How to map a value stream? It is a very rewarding effort if done well. Which is why I made this podcast about how to map the value stream. Value stream mapping is not a solitary affair. You need to collaborate and co-create the map. 

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Value stream mapping is a great tool for analyzing the current situation and for making an improvement plan. In the table below you can find the steps you need to take to map the current and the future state. You can also find a long read on Mapping the current state and mapping the future state in the ​Member area​​​. You can buy your own value stream mapping plan in my shop.

Steps to take in order to map the value stream

Mapping the future and current state

This podcast is based on a couple of earlier blogs and on the aforementioned long reads:


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