Celebrate your success

Since Leaneffi is one year old, i thought this is a great time for a blog on celebrating your success. In my own culture we do not celebrate our successes very often. We see it as part of doing our job. But celebrating success can be very helpful in creating a supportive company culture, because:

  • It helps in increasing a feeling of belonging to a group or company
  • It brings out endorfine from your brain. This makes you feel rewarded
  • The recognition will motivate people to keep doing well (as long as it is clearly defined what constitutes a success)
  • It shows people what is important to your company
  • It helps in breaking work rythm and boost creativity

My journey

Choose your mrdia

When i started one hear ago i was not sure what to do and how to do it. I made a schedule for writing first and decided not to limit myself to certain topics. Since I am interested in so many of them, I did not want to limit myself. If i want to write about something i will. After some time i decided to work on promotion, but how? There are a lot of blogs on this. I decided to use social media and rss. The beginning was very slow and at times frustrating, but it picked up after a couple of months.

  • I started my own Facebook page from 0 to 118 followers. I shared my blogs with a couple of groups and got great feedback.
  • I already had a Twitter account and decided to use it for promotion of my blog. It grow to 172 followers and led to some very nice discussions. 
  • I started an Instagram account.  It was a bit harder to get this one going and find my voice, but it is slowly gaining ground. I now have 60 followers.
  • I started a pinterest account. I discovered i love making visuals and that they work well to generate traffic to my site.
  • I registered my blog at feedburner. This also helps in generating traffic.

My big surprises

I started a podcast which i love doing a lot more than i thought at first. It has given me a lot of joy to see it is been listened too for over 200 times. 

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I have also discovered that it is fun to design quizzes and that they can drive traffic to my site (a real win-win). 

Slowly my positioning in google and bing has improved and i am also gaining traffic in a more organic way.

One thing I am also very proud of is my visuals, especially the one below. 

Ishikawa diagram

I still have a lot of things a want to improve on, but i will leave that for a later date. Now it is time to celebrate!

How to celebrate success

There are many ways to this. I am going to have a nice drink and enjoy the moment. But you can also:

  • Have a group moment with drinks or something to eat
  • Give out a well-deserved prize
  • Look back at how you got where you are now (like in a blog)
  • Thank everyone who has helped you
  • Frame your success on the (digital) wall
  • Give out compliments to yourself and others
  • Have a team outing or party!

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