Test your own profile in the Rose of Leary

Which Rose of Leary type suits you?

One great tool in every change agent box should be the Rose of Leary. The Rose of Leary is not about team roles (like the Belbin model), leadership styles (like situational leadership) or psychological types (I will get into this in a future blog). It is about behaviour in group settings. Your behaviour will vary according to setting, but since you are still unique you you will also have to certain preferences. 

You need to fill out this test with a certain team (setting) in mind. Since your behaviour will change in different team settings. In this test you will find 64 propositions. You will answer which propositions describe your actions and mindset in this team setting and which do not. The propositions do not apply to you as a person in all settings, just to you in that particular teamsetting.

You will receive your preferred style when you are done. The profiles have been simplified a little. More indepth information on the profiles can be found in my long read and blog on the subject of the Rose of Leary. You can find information on how to use the Rose of Leary in teamsettings in my long read. If you want to be effective in facilitating the Rose of Leary it helps to know your own preferences.

Test your own profile in the Rose of Leary 1

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