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By ZeusxinzoAugust 25, in Hardware monitoring. Good, After trying many configurations and many different ways, they definitely cannot work at the same time ladies forum stella and icue, in aida busenblitzer privat only problem is the reading of the RPM of some fan or some temperature sensor, but in "icue", all the fans connected to the comander pro, which are 5 of the tower fail, in the performance tab the fans and the tab itself appear and disappear, which causes the profile of the fans to change and go from relaxed to balanced and imagine that To the extreme because of auf bilder abspritzen noise they make, the question is, as a deactivation option in aida64 so that it does not only monitor the commander pro, the rest more or less works. Thank you.

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Yes, that is what I expected would be the case.

The solution is to then open CL so that fan speeds can go back to normal. I also don't have CL starting with windows.

It's not very complicated. If I have CL installed, even when not opening it, and I open Aida 64, the fans start spinning loudly.

I then have to open CL in order to make the fans go back to normal. Cause and effect.

When Ungarn escort don't have CL installed and I open Aida64, the fans stay the same and nothing spins faster than it should. In Up. Aida 64 conflicting with Corsair Link.

Recommended Posts. DiamondDog88 Posted December 15, Posted Free german chat 15, The only way to turn them down is simply opening the Corsair Link software, which makes the fans turn back to normal speeds. Would this be a conflicting issues between these two programs?

Link to comment Share on other sites More sharing options DiamondDog88 Posted December 16, Posted December 16, Lilli vanilli nackt I uninstall CL, the issue actually doesn't happen when opening Aida DiamondDog88 Posted December 18, Posted December 18, Your two posts seem to say different things are happening. What am I missing?

Posted December 19, Id think your issue is in win 10,Im running win 7 with a Bdsm kontakte hamburg Commander,a light node,an A5 and A6 with Aqusuite,Link software,Aida64,Hwinfo and things run well but for me Win 10 was constantly a headache Archived This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies.

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