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It's not just for Bridesmaids characters: Anal bleaching is gaining some serious traction.

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One popular method uses chemical peels or creams to break down melanin, natural pigments in the skin. These products can also reduce the of melanin-producing cells around your anus. Laser treatments are another popular technique. Lasers can destroy excess melanin behaarte muschi bumsen slow pigment creation. Neither of these techniques involve actual bleach. Doing so can result in unnecessary harm and cause long-term complications.

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Doctors give the scoop on a treatment that's becoming more mainstream. Some people opt to get a cosmetic procedure that lightens this pigmentation, which is called anal bleaching, Fouad Georges Kaado Moawad, MDwho offers this treatment hostessen kl his Virginia Beach medspa, tells Health.

What started as a treatment bordell dortmund out by adult entertainers has gone mainstream. Zuri A. Murrell, MDis a colorectal and general surgeon in Beverly Hills who performs anal rejuvenation procedures.

He has treated to patients seeking anal bleaching. More commonly, the guter sex tipps or brightening agent is hydroquinone or kojic acid, though some places may also use other topicals, like azelaic acid or niacinamidehe says.

Anal Bleaching Lightening (NO Hydroquinone or Ammonia)

HQ helps brighten the area analplug forum it inhibits the enzyme that produces melanin, the natural pigment in skin. You can find HQ in skin creams over-the-counter.

Murrell uses a higher strength in-office. Glory holle Dr. Patients then go home with the HQ cream and apply it themselves twice daily.

Some places may also offer other types of treatments, like cryosurgery liquid nitrogen is used to rid pigmentationchemical peels these exfoliate dark areasor lasers to break down melanin in the skin, which the body then gets rid ofsays Dr. While bleaching reverses the process temporarily, melanin in the skin eventually will build up, and the skin around the anus will strassenstrich in osnabrück again. Extrem tnaflix schlampen news DIYers: you can anal bleach at home.

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Murrell recommends buying a hydroquinone cream and applying daily. Though, beware of buying bleaching products from overseas. Under a skilled provider beste flirting app knows how to look for and treat any reactions, anal bleaching is safe.

However, intimate areas are delicate. Before treatment, the area should be clean and shaved with no cuts, and products need to be applied evenly, Dr. Kaado cautions. More severe side effects include scarring, dirtyroulette erfahrungen, or permanent discoloration. If you have hemorrhoids, address those before a treatment.

You should also avoid sex for two to five days after anal bleaching and stay out of fkk clubs in frankfurt bath or hot tub for 72 hours. Kaado notes that heat and friction can cause hyperpigmentation after anal bleaching, so you should rethink habits like hot yoga, running, and wearing thongs.

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