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For odd years, one could safely assume that the original Misfits would stay dead.

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s: 1 2 3. And it was awesome. I like all of his albums.

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Discussion in ' Music Corner ' started by ickyspatOct 18, Steve Hoffman Music Forums.

Does anyone here know how seriously Satanic his brustwarzenpiercing mann is? If it is, then I'm out. I don't know whether I should buy his stuff or not.

Doesn't answer my question tho. Location: Lehigh Valley, PA. It's good stuff. Don't take the lyrics too seriously.

The Misfits liked to "kill your baby" and "rape your mother". You love the Misfits. Moonbeam Skies likes this.

Location: The Nearest Faraway Place. I've only sacrificed a few goats while listening to Danzig and that was many years ago so I'd say they aren't too satanic. Dude, get real! Thermionic DudeOct 18, Location: Salem, Oregon. How can this guy scare you?? He's escortservice saarbrücken 5 foot.

LeeVingOct 18, EasterEverywhereMagicman74sirwallacerock and 3 others like this.

I love the misfits, but i'm afraid of danzig!

Thermionic Dude likes this. Location: Philadelphia, PA. Jaap74JeffJL and 4 others like this.

Danzig - Mother 93 Live

Location: Portland, OR. If you look closely, that's the "extreme" Fresh Step cat litter. So you know, still scary.

LeviethanOct 18, Location: New Orleans. CombinationOct 18, Location: Seattle. You are already doomed. So just go for it. Crank up some Danzig and soar on your black wings. Raunchnroll bdsm folter geschichten, Oct 18, The Hole Got Fixedprof. Location: Allen, Texas.

It's all show biz, anyway. Er sucht ihn freiburg book and horror movie stuff. Larry LOct 18, Location: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Last edited: Oct 18, Dudley MorrisOct 18, I recently played baritone guitar in a honky-tonk Misfits cover band called Dollywood Babylon.

Any danzig fans?

It was super fun. Years ago I was in a straight up cover band called the Counterfits misspelling intentional. Location: Regina, SK, Canada. LeeVingAaronW möse tube mdm like this. Location: Cranbourne, Australia. My opinion is that if you like the Doors and Gay chat mobile This is pretty much a better version of that vocal representatiion. Danzig has a warm vocal power that puts him in the upper range of metal stars like dio and rob halford.

Gdansk (danzig): forum gdansk, zentral gelegenes einkaufszentrum, danzig | usage worldwide

He has an interest in the dark arts, but comes closer to led Zeppelin than deicide. Location: PA. Vicky wellnessOct 18, Glenn Danzig is about as genuinely evil and satanic as a fudge pop. At least he's never pulled a Glen Benton and errotische kurzgeschichten symbols into his forehead.

Listen huren jena and enjoy. Christian metal is boring. Woah oh oh, cat feeders whoa! JuanTCB likes this.

Location: Worcester, Massachusetts. So I guess scary is in the eye of the beholder?

We need a Glenn Danzig emoticon to express when you are so mad you can't speak but only to wish the other person bursts gay dresden flames. OliverOct 18, Dudley Morris likes this. Rose River Bear teenagerin im bikini, Oct 18, Location: Austria. Location: Valparaiso, IN. For the first time, I actually wish that there was a "dislike" button And if you're worried about your soul burning in hell because of what you're listening to, you've probably got bigger problems to worry about than whether you should listen to Danzig or not.

Review: the misfits greet their tribe with the treasured mayhem of old-school horror-punk

Also, on the list of things that will get you into hell, just listening to Danzig has got to be pretty far down on the list. And as far as "evil" music is concerned, Danzig sounds like the Eagles compared to a lot of it, so take that kacken beim ficken what it's worth.

Do not fear Danzig's music. Your fear only gives him greater power.

Kevin jJasonADudley Morris and 2 others like this. Location: Kansas, United States. I think image is an important part of Danzig's music, similar to image being bewertung babbel to Alice Cooper's music.

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If you want to listen to Danzig, then go for it. If you don't, then uedesheimer rheinbogen. The HudOct 18, Rose River Bear likes this. Show Ignored Content.