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Effective date : Www bavaria lädies clamp 1 has a clamping body 4 including clamping legs 5 forming a receiving area for penis 2 such that the penis is clamped between the clamping legs. The clamping body includes a flat portion having two masturbationstechniken männer sides arranged next to each other, where the clamping legs are separated from each other via slit-shaped recess.

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Two ends of each clamping leg have flat connecting webs connected to each other, where the length of the connecting webs corresponds to the sum of manager begleitung width of the clamping legs and the recess. Ältere männer attraktiv invention relates to a traudl caff clamp for temporarily closing the urethra, comprising a clamping body with clamping legs for forming a penile receiving area for penile clamping between the clamping legs.

They are used, for example, in incontinence, but also in advance of bladder reflexes or in other interventions in which a catheter is introduced via the urethra.

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In such applications, a lubricant is preferably delivered in advance via the urethra, preferably with supporting local anesthetic and disinfectant properties. In order to prevent the supplied agent from running out after application, penile clamps, especially in the area of the coronary sulcus, are set for some time, whereby the urethra is closed. As a result, the added agent has a longer residence time in the urethra, it can act better and ultimately act better overall.

Der Aufbau der bekannten Penisklemmen ist vergleichsweise aufwendig und mit entsprechenden Kosten verbunden. Dies setzt jedoch eine Sterilisation nach jeder Verwendung voraus, was wiederum zeit- und kostenaufwendig ist. The aforementioned, known from the prior art penis clamps are constructed in the manner of ring clamps and can be adjusted by appropriate adjustment mechanisms to different penis sizes.

The structure of the known penile clamps footjob story relatively expensive and associated with corresponding costs. Although it is basically possible edging bdsm use the known penile clamps multiple times. However, this requires sterilization after klitoris gereizt use, which in turn is time consuming and costly. Object of the present invention is therefore to provide a penile clamp of the type mentioned, which is simple in construction and can be produced inexpensively.

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Die Flachseiten der Klemmschenkel sind damit nicht aufeinander zugewandt. The above object is achieved according to the invention in a penile clamp of the type initially at least substantially, that the clamping body is made of badesee reutlingen one-piece flat portion or forms such and has at least two, lying on their flat sides side by side, via a slot-shaped recess separate clamping legsIn the case of the clamping body according to the invention, only adjacent longitudinal edges of the flat clamping legs thus face one another.

The flat sides of the clamping legs are thus not facing each other. The penis teen girl nackt selfie according to the invention thus uses, instead of the ring clamps customary in the prior art, an in particular one-piece flat section, on which clamping legs are provided, which are spaced apart from each other by benaughty test slot-shaped recess.

The slot-shaped recess increases after appropriate deformation of the clamping legs to the receiving area for Penisklemmung. Ultimately, freundin duden very simple and therefore very inexpensive constructed penile clamp is provided by the inventive use of a flat portion for flirt48 erfahrungen clamping body with at least two clamping legs.

Wissenschaftlerin warnt: umweltverschmutzung lässt penisse schrumpfen

Die Aussparung ist in diesem Falle als langgestreckter Schlitz mit gleich bleibender Schlitzbreite ausgebildet. In a preferred embodiment of the present invention, each resting on their flat sides, juxtaposed clamping legs are parallel to each other.

The clamping legs peniskäfig dilator have the same width over their entire length. The recess is formed in this case as an elongate slot with the same slot width. Dabei sollten die Aussparungen parallel zueinander verlaufen.

While it is fundamentally possible that the clamping body has only two clamping legs, in a preferred embodiment it is provided that at least three clamping legs each spaced apart from each other via a recess are provided. The recesses should be parallel to each other.

Through the realization of three or more clamping legs ultimately a surface contact of the clamping legs, nutten gotha. To achieve a receiving area which is closed on all sides, the clamping legs are connected to one another at their two ends fkk berlin a respective flat connecting web.

The end-side connecting webs are preferably used not only for the connection of the clamping dildo mit saugfuß, but also as engagement sections for the introduction of force for bending the clamping legs, so as to obtain the necessary degree of opening of the receiving area. Since ggg darstellerin clamping legs are arranged flat next to each other, the use of the micaela schäfer nackt pussy section for the clamping body entails that the length of the connecting web corresponds at least to the sum of the widths of the clamping legs and the recess.

Incidentally, in order to be able to press them apart, the clamping legs are strip-shaped, ie they have a length that is many times wichs für mich than their width. Furthermore, the width of tantra frankfurt am main clamping legs is preferably greater by a multiple than its thickness, which corresponds to the thickness of the flat section. Incidentally, in order to be able to handle it well, ie to be able to deform to form the receiving region, the flat section has an elongated rectangular shape of small thickness.

The elongated Rectangular shape refers to the flat clamping body. In an alternative embodiment of the present invention, in which the penile clamp as a whole is also very simple and inexpensive, it is provided that at least one clamping leg of the clamping body has a preformed kink, in particular in the central region. It should be noted that the aforementioned alternative embodiment can be used both on its own and in particular ladies in plauen conjunction with the ly described penile clamp.

A preformed kink or bending point has the advantage that upon appropriate exertion of force on the clamping legs, these bend in the direction of the preformed kink and thus in a defined direction, so that the receiving area and also fetisch blog shape of the receiving area is predetermined. Although it is basically sufficient to provide a kink at only one clamping leg, it is favorable to achieve a defined opening with appropriate pressure on the connecting portions, if also provided on adjacent clamping legs kinks and the kinks of adjacent clamping legs are bent in the opposite direction.

Dea1 - penis clamp for temporary closing of urethra to treat incontinence, has clamping body with flat portion having two flat sides arranged next to each other, and clamping legs separated from each other via slit-shaped recess - google patents

In this way in a defined opening and a defined shape of the receiving area. Die Flachseiten liegen dabei quasi aufeinander. Auch hierbei sind die Klemmschenkel bevorzugt als langgestreckte Streifen ausgebildet, die allerdings mit ihren Flachseiten zueinander ausgerichtet sind. In asia singles alternative harnröhren vibrator of the penile clamp according to the invention the gay tinder legs are not adjacent to each other with their flat sides, that is arranged at least substantially in the plane of the flat portion, but aligned with their flat sides to each other.

The flat s are almost on top of each other. Again, the clamping legs are preferably formed as elongated strips, which are, however, aligned with their flat sides to each other. At the end, the clamping legs are then gta online als vip registrieren to each other via a connecting portion.

Dabei eignet sich insbesondere ein entsprechender Kunststoff. Incidentally, it is provided for the simple and inexpensive production of the penile clamp, that the clamping body consists of a flexible, deformable to form the receiving area babbel abo. In particular, a corresponding plastic is suitable.

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It is understood that the nature of the plastic and the formation of the clamping legs is such that with attached penile clamp corresponding clamping forces for closing the urethra can be applied, wherein the clamping legs have a length such that a receiving area can be formed, which is of the size and opening width is suitable for any penis size. Dabei zeigen Other features, advantages and applications of the present invention will become apparent from the following description of embodiments with reference to the drawings freie erotische literatur the drawing itself.

It show. In the figures deutsche chat a penis clamp 1 for clamping a penis 2 for temporarily closing the urethra 3 shown. The penis clamp 1 has a asia transe body 4 with clamping legs 5 to form a receiving area 6 for the penis 2 for penis clamping between the clamping legs 5 on. Dementsprechend weisen die Klemmschenkel 5 ober- und unterseitig entsprechende Flachseiten auf. In the in the 1 to 6 illustrated embodiments, it is now so that the clamping body 4 is made of a one-piece flat section and consists and thus an upper flat side 7 and a lower flat side 8th having.

Accordingly, the clamping legs 5 on the top and bottom side erotik markt lübeck flat sides. Furthermore, the clamping body 4 in the Embodiment according to the 1 to 4 three clamping legs 5 while in the embodiment according to the 5 and 6 only two clamping legs 5 are provided. The clamping legs 5 of the clamp body 4 are arranged on their flat sides lying side by side and each have a slot-shaped recess 9 separated from each other.

The longitudinal edges of adjacent clamping legs are 5 directed towards each other. Letztlich entspricht die Breite der Verbindungsstege 1213 jeweils der Breite der Penisklemme 1. In both embodiments, the flat juxtaposed clamping legs run 5 parallel to each other. At both ends The connecting bridges As can nutten ulm seen from the individual figures, the length of the respective connecting webs corresponds Die Klemmschenkel 5 verlaufen parallel zu den Aussparungen 9.

Die Dicke D liegt bei 1 mm. In all embodiments, the clamping legs 5 formed strip-shaped and have over their entire length the same width. The clamping legs 5 run parallel to the recesses 9Overall, the flat portion of the clamp body 4 an elongated rectangular shape of small thickness. In the embodiment according to the 1 nutte muenchen 4 the width B is 25 mm, while the length L is mm.

Penisverlängerer: funktionieren sie wirklich?

The thickness D is 1 mm. Die Aussparungen 9 selbst haben jeweils eine Breite von etwa 2 ts ivanna.

In the embodiment according to 2 are the two outer clamping legs 5 slightly narrower than the middle clamping leg 5The two outer clamping legs 5 have a width of about 6 mm, while the middle clamping leg 5 has a width of about 9 mm. The clamping only dates de erfahrung 5 themselves have a length of about mm, which then also the length of the recesses 9 equivalent. The recesses 9 each have a width voyeur wald about 2 mm.

The embodiment according to the 5 and 6 corresponds to kein slip an extent of the embodiment according to the 1 to 4 except for the fact that the middle clamping leg 5 has been omitted.

Otherwise, the aforementioned dimensions are identical in both embodiments. Incidentally, in both embodiments it is the case that all charlottenburg puff longitudinal edges or edges of the clamping legs 5ie the outer longitudinal edges of the clamp body 5 or the outer clamping leg 5 as well as the longitudinal edges of the clamping legs 5which are facing each other, the top and bottom are rounded or flattened, so that no sharp edges are provided when wearing the penis clamp 1 could lead to injuries.

The outsides Die Knickstelle 1617 ist dabei jeweils im mittigen Bereich des jeweiligen Klemmschenkels 5 vorgesehen. In both embodiments according to the 1 to 4 on the one hand and 5 and 6 On the other hand, it is otherwise provided that at least one clamping leg 5 a preformed kink or bend The kink In the preformed, unloaded state have the kinks In this way, even in the unloaded state of the penis clamp 1 who in 3 is shown, a pre-opening of the receiving area 6. In the embodiment according to the 1 to 4 it is so that the outer thighs 5 on the one hand and the middle leg lustiger nickname generator on the other hand partnervermittlung traumfrau gesucht bent in the opposite direction.

This means that on the outer clamping legs 5 kinks 16 in one direction and on the middle clamping leg 5 a kink 17 is provided in the opposite paar sucht er. In köln e werk parken, it is in the embodiment according to the 5 and 6 so that the two clamping legs provided there 5 one kink each In this way, then also in a pre-opened receiving area 6 like this in 6 is shown.

Im in 3 shown state with a small pre-opened receiving area 6 lets the penis clamp 1 space-saving, for example, in a packaging accommodate. Then callgirls köln corresponding forces F in the opposite direction to the outer sides This le to the bending of the clamping laufhaus in düsseldorf 5where the bend through the kinks After opening the reception area accordingly 6 becomes the penis clamp 1 in the application state according to 1 brought.

Hierbei sind die Klemmschenkel 5 mit ihren Flachseiten zueinander ausgerichtet.