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The six "risk schools" from 22 primary schools determined by escorts bremen the proportion of children with increased caries risk according to DAJ criteria, b the multi-factorial EZI and c the social welfare assistance proportion amongst the year-olds in the school district, are identical. In comparison with the complex multi-factorial first school angelina joly dental health index EZIthe study confirms the general suitability of the "proportion of children with increased caries risk" for the identification of schools with above-average deficit in dental health care. However, at the same time such "risk schools" - at huren warendorf in the towns with documented social differentiation of the resident population in the various town districts tinder eigene likes sehen can also be determined by the district-related social indicators.

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LK Mayen Koblenz - 10-04-2021

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Koblenz in 90 Sekunden (Eichendorff Gymnasium) - AIFS ABI-CONTEST 2020

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[caries prevalence and state of treatment in the case of koblenz children in the first school class with reference to district-related social indicators]

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