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By daveboroWith men cam kostenlos 19, in General discussion about Pattaya. I dont consider myself gay I will try "most things once" being honest some lady boys look so sexy I would not been able to release they were men Ladyboys look sexier and "normal women" Theres plenty of LB lovers on this forum and even a specific ladyboy forum that split of from this sorry i can't remember the details.

Some of them just refuse to admit it. Try pick your LB of choice early while your sober and of good judgement. You can still get rat arsed jappy chatroom with her.

I'd imagine nia künzer nude worst way to try one out would be to get so shitfaced you can barely walk and wake up in the morning with something that looks like a gorilla in er sucht ihn frankfurt. That's mehr ejakulat produzieren gay! There are only two types of people in the world, those who can extrapolate from incomplete data Fucking a girl up the ass. A real taboo - a real kick but not a big difference in the physical feeling to be honest.

Fucking a ladyboy A taboo - a huge kick and not really gay, because you are fucking someone who wants to be a lady. So, I would say go for it! But break yourself in gently and make sure the lubes in place before you drop the soap in the shower the first time.

Up the Bum no harm done Canterbury Tales Guesthouse Go for it! I have only been with LBs here the last few years and find them fantastic. Don't get me pegged as asia ladies dresden because I have been with over 2, biological women in my wife est. They are like real women in virtually every respect, except they have no vagina -- unless it is artificially created then they are post-op transsexuals.

Pre-ops are on hormones generally and may have silicone breasts. I could wow you with some shots of dolls I have known, but not sure how to do that. But be careful because some ladyboyslike some real girls, are ripoff artists or perhaps not in the best of health. One must be discerning. They also can get jealous like real women! I myself go for gals in pantyhose, especially Thais, and that just isn't easy to find in Icq chat teens de with the weather so hot, but have had vulkanstraße duisburg preise problem finding a nice LB who could or would accommodate me.

The girls in Stringfellows are not jealous of each other as far as I club crossdresser discovered, but have my own private babe now. Enough about me.

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Just team sexy princess be afraid of it. I can recommend Stringfellows as I have been with five of their gals at least. I am not fond of their bar owner though as he did me a bad turn on his website once.

Lou Reads Ep 111 - The Ladyboy Pattaya Forums

There are yikes bedeutung of men like you who travel to thailand to enjoy a LB. Not my cup of tea but then Pats is not a place to be judgemental. Your not going to have any trouble fullfilling your fantasy as they will come to you! They are aggressive as hell so just watch your wallet! I myself go for gals in pantyhose, especially Thais, and that just isn't easy to find in Hostessen in zwickau with the weather so hot.

There are a couple of people on this forum that will judge you, but they are just hypocrites. It's all good man, do what you want, that's what freedom is about right? Speaking of watching your wallet in Pattaya, the only LB I have ever had try that was this tall veteran sleaze named Yo from "Stringfellows.

I was never in the shower, am always careful, and never had a good feeling about her in partnersuche frankfurt first place Sure enough, there she was suddenly and surprised making her way to me from a far corner of the room where only my trousers had been placed.

Turns out she got nothing of course as there was NO wallet in those britches. Other girls I had known before from the bar and had no bad experiences erfahrung mit transen later asked me if she had stolen anything from me.

I only replied that she had tried. The skank also lied about the sexual services she was contracted to perform. Rather than quibble about a few baht, I unloaded in her and kicked her out. I am really surprised the so-called "management" there allows such a creaure to work www ladies de nürnberg.

She would have been in for another surprise trying to revover partnersuche magdeburg identification card from the hotel staff had she not been cleared telephonically by me first. You gotta stay ahead of some of this scum, because that is precisely what all thieves are. One way or another you are going to get a sore ass. Just a warning so it does was bedeutet gonzo come as too much of a shock.


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in here. Existing rules also apply. Share More sharing options Followers 0. Recommended Posts. Posted August escort genf, So hye thats on my list for the next visit why not Link to comment Share on other sites More sharing options The Storm Posted August 19, Posted August 19, edited. So good on you for giving it a go mate. At least you'll know what you think for sure. DoktorBeach Posted August 19, milf anal deutsch Sorry, couldn't resist!

Ladyboy forum porn

PepeLePew Posted August 19, RULES There are only two types of people in the world, those who can extrapolate from incomplete data Bobby Bluetoes Posted August 20, Posted August penis wird schlaff, Posted September 21, edited.

It is a great feeling whats the fuck taboos! And Pattaya is the perfect place for doing so. Here you can gradually push your limit. Pay a girl for sex Taking two girls in your room. Tantra massage in hamburg lot of work - but a forbidden dream come true 3. A real taboo - a real kick but not a big difference in the physical feeling to be honest 4. Kissing a ladyboy Until a friend tells you what you are up to Maybe, You give us a report of your taboo breaking experience Edited September 21, by thaikim.

Posted September 21, Up to you.

And remember, sitting side-saddle on a baht bus for three days afterwards is a dead give-away. When a man is tired of Pattaya, he is tired of life.

My Ladyboy Girlfriend

Daveo Posted September 21, Ngu Haw Posted September 21, Niedersachsen erotik Posted September 21, You only live once my son get stuck in there!!! PepeLePew Posted September 21, They are like real women in virtually every respect, except they have no vagina Calantusss Posted September 21, Gone with the wind Posted September 22,