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Popular dance bar in the heart of the Castro.

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The Fountain of the Seven Lazy Brothers is based on a local legend. They were the sons of a Bremen farmer and not fesselspiele geschichte renowned as hard workers.

As the legend says, the seven lazy ts sarina valentina couldn't find any work in Bremen, so they went out into the world. Some years later, they returned to Bremen with a wealth of knowledge and experience and began to work in their father's fields.

They dug ditches to drain the fields and constructed a dyke along the river Weser to prevent floodings. They also paved a road and built themselves houses next to it. Unwilling to believe that the seven lazy brothers have changed, the people of Aok ziegenhain continued to nacho vidal aids scorn on them, saying the brothers were simply too lazy to get their feet dirty while working in muddy fields.

Now, of course, we know that the seven lazy brothers were not lazy at all but actually very smart. Here you can see the industrious brothers standing tall and proud as they look down on bilder nackter frauen city.

Built in the s, nutten anzeigen köln fascinating metre-long lane houses shops and restaurants, museums, workshops and a carillon. You might also be interested in Museums in Bremen Discover the wide range of museums.