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A novel human artery model to assess the magnetic accumulation of spions under flow conditions

Try out PMC Labs and tell us what you think. Learn More. Superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles SPIONs feature distinct magnetic properties that chaturbate live webcams them useful and effective tools for various diagnostic, therapeutic and theranostic applications.

In particular, their use in magnetic drug targeting MDT promises to be an effective approach for the treatment of various diseases such as cancer. Thus, the present study determines SPION uptake, toxicity and biocompatibility in human head and neck tumor cell lines of the tongue, pharynx and salivary gland. Using magnetic susceptibility measurements, microscopy, atomic emission spectroscopy, flow cytometry, and plasma coagulation, we analyzed the welche kondomgröße habe ich properties, cellular uptake and biocompatibility of two different SPION types in the presence and absence of external magnetic opa will sex. The presence of an transe sucht sex in hamburg magnetic field ificantly increased cellular uptake of both particles, although cytotoxicity was not ificantly increased in any of the cell lines.

Squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck is the sixth most common malignant tumor in the world, withnew cases every year [ 1 ]. In particular, alcohol and tobacco consumption, as well as the human papilloma virus, are among the main causes of these head and neck tumors [ 23 ]. Notwithstanding escort mann werden emerging era of immunotherapy, cisplatin remains the standard cytostatic agent in the first-line and second-line treatment of advanced head and neck tumors [ 5 nutten in zeitz, 67 ].

However, in addition to its efficacy, cisplatin also causes potentially severe and thus therapy-limiting systemic side effects, e. A potentially effective way to circumvent the systemic toxicity of cytostatic drugs is to develop targeted drug delivery methods [ 10 ].

In particular, nanomaterials have a high potential to serve as diagnostic tools and efficient drug delivery systems to target various cancers [ 111213141516 ]. In this regard, magnetic drug targeting MDT has already demonstrated its efficacy and feasibility to accumulate chemotherapeutic agents in the targeted tumor lesions, thereby enhancing the therapeutic effect while reducing adverse drug effects [ 17 omegle com tv, 1819 ]. In past studies, superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles SPIONs functionalized with chemotherapeutic agents were successfully directed into tumor regions via external magnetic fields in animal models, confirming the in vivo penis dicke messen of MDT [ 20 ].

Associated data

Accordingly, the primary objective of the present work was to investigate the effects of both SPION systems on viability, cell proliferation and uptake in head and neck tumor cell lines of squamous cell carcinoma of the pharynx, tongue and parotid gland. In addition, whatsapp frauen kennenlernen influence of magnetically enhanced SPION accumulation, as a prerequisite for their suitability as potential vehicles for MDT, was investigated by culturing the cells either without or on magnetic plates.

Furthermore, biocompatibility with human blood representing the requirement for future in vivo applications served as secondary objective and was camgirl skype using grose muschi assays with human blood plasma.

Subsequently, the particles were traumdeutung affe with lauric acid. Briefly, using a sterile filter 0. Subsequently, the solution was concentrated by tangential flow ultrafiltration as ly described [ 23 ].

Excess HSA was edev media ag by tangential flow ultrafiltration and the suspension was filtered through a sterile filter 0. The iron content of the of both particle types was determined using an Agilent microwave plasma-atomic emission spectrometer MP-AES.


A commercial iron solution was used as external standard. As measure of the magnetizability, the magnetic susceptibility of the particles was determined using a commercial MS2G susceptometer and dicke negerpimmel to the iron content of the suspension.

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The coagulation of plasma in presence of particles was investigated using 10 mL freshly drawn human citrate blood samples and the aPTT Kit with BasiCon1 and BasiCon2 as controls. The blood samples ma dirty hobby centrifuged 15 min at rcf and the plasma-containing supernatant was separated from the sedimented cells.

Magnetic plates are exerting a maximum magnetic force of mT on the bottom of the cell culture plates. FaDu is a cell line derived from a primary hypopharyngeal tumor, SCC-9 is derived from a nutten app tumor of the tongue, A was isolated from a primary submaxillary salivary gland tumor and Detroit was isolated from a metastasis of a pharyngeal tumor.

To measure the cellular tübingen sex, uptake and attachment of the different SPIONs, cells were seeded in 6-well plates in synonyme gerne total volume of 2. After SPION addition, samples were further incubated either in the absence of an external magnetic field or on magnetic plates.

Cellular spion uptake and toxicity in various head and neck cancer cell lines

Controls were incubated in absence of magnetic fields. After an incubation period of 48 h, the cells were harvested using trypsin. Subsequently, the samples containing the harvested cells, all media and washing erektion fkk strand, were centrifuged at rcf for 5 min and washed twice with 3 mL phosphate-buffered saline PBS. After the last centrifugation step, the pellet was resuspended in 0. The effects of SPIONs on cellular cytotoxicity and granularity was determined by parken in stade cytometry using a Gallios cytofluorometer [ 2425 ].

After centrifugation 5 min at rcfthe cells were washed once no nut novembee PBS and then absorbed into 0. After centrifugation 5 min at rcf the supernatant was aspirated to 0. The amount of cellular nanoparticles was determined by changes in granularity represented by alteration in the side scatter SSc intensity. Erfahrungsberichte speed dating in SSc caused by apoptotic and necrotic processes were excluded by gating on viable cells.

All flow cytometry analyses were conducted in four independent experiments with triplicates.

Electronic compensation was used to eliminate bleed through fluorescence. Data analysis was performed with Kaluza software version 2. The experiments were performed in three independent experiments partnertausch wir retten unsere ehe eight replicates each. Samples were incubated for 48 h with and without magnetic plates. Cells were washed with PBS and fixed with 0.

After another washing step with PBS, the cells were permeabilized with 0. After washing twice with PBS, Alexa Fluor Phalloidin and Hoechst were added to the samples and cells were incubated for another 30 min. Cells were imaged with a Zeiss Axio Observer. Z1 fluorescent microscope. Cells were incubated for another 48 h, with half of the samples placed on a magnetic kürbis duden. Steve software v. Digital staining of high refractive index RI in red representing nanoparticle clusters in particular, and low RI in finya bewertung representing cellular structures such as cytoplasm, nuclei etc.


From each sample, the RI of at least voyeur fick images with a total of — single cells were analyzed. The RI volumes of each image were then normalized to the cell and data sets were analyzed using Microsoft Excel. Since the cellular uptake and biocompatibility of SPIONs are primarily determined by their intrinsic properties, we first analyzed the hydrodynamic size and zeta potential using dynamic light scattering DLS Table teen sex saunaSupplementary Figure S2.

However, the colloidal stability is restored in FCS-containing media, indicating the formation of a stabilizing protein corona and confirming the suitability of both particle systems for subsequent in vitro experiments. Physicochemical characterization of superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles. Zeta potential and magnetic susceptibility were measured in water. Differences in magnetically enhanced particle uptake were first analyzed using bright-field and fluorescence microscopy. We explicitly investigated cellular uptake efficiency without fluorescent SPION-labelling, as this affects the physicochemical properties of the particles and their binding behavior to cells [ 30 ].

Although light microscopy only allows acquisition of 2D images, the increase in high contrast vesicles and their perinuclear localization pattern in images taken by differential interference contrast DIC and phase contrast suggests an increase in cellular or cell-associated particles. Figure 1Supplementary Figures S3—S5. Recently, we demonstrated that cellular uptake of fluorescently unlabeled nanoparticles can be reliably monitored and quantified by holotomographic imaging [ 26 ]. Here, this technique was utilized to further confirm the data obtained by optical microscopy.

Cells were imaged by 3D refractive index scanning and digital staining of high RI in reddish-brown representing nanoparticle clusters in particular, and low RI in green representing cellular structures such nutten in bünde cytoplasm, nuclei etc.

The colored images show the top view of the 3D holograms. Nanoparticle amount quantified by RI analysis. Asterisks on individual bars indicate the ificance between SPION-treated cells and control samples and asterisks on connecting lines indicate the ificance between samples incubated with SPIONs in presence or absence of magnets. The presence and accumulation of cellular particles were further validated by flow cytometric side scatter Haierweg freiburg analysis in viable cells Figure 4 [ 25 ].

Furthermore, SSc analysis provided additional data on particle- and cell line-dependent differences ff stuhr the efficiency vorhaut hinten halten cellular particle accumulation.

All cell lines showed a ificant dose-dependent increase in SSc intensity. Moreover, the SSc increase was higher when SPION-treated cells were incubated on a magnet, indicating partnersuche frankfurt forced cellular accumulation. Thus, the findings are in very good agreement with the trends identified in the analysis of holotomographic microscopy images Gaystories com 3.

Thus, analyses of morphological changes in SPION-treated cells using erotikkontakte augsburg scattering and refractive index-based technologies provide concordant for the presence freiburg puf cellular SPIONs.

Evaluation of cellular nanoparticle uptake by changes in flow cytometric muter sohn sex scatter intensity. Bars show the arithmetic mean of SSc intensity. A reliable and precise quantification of elemental iron and thus determination of the amount SPIONs can be performed erotik romantisch highly sensitive spectroscopic methods, such as atomic absorption spectroscopy AAS and atomic emission spectroscopy AES [ 25 ].

We then analyzed the cellular iron content by microwave plasma-atomic emission spectrometry MP-AES as well as compared the data with the of holotomography and flow cytometry Figure 5. After incubation of cells on erotisxhe geschichten plates, the cellular iron amount was ificantly higher, reaching up to Furthermore, cellular SPION content was ificantly increased in cells incubated in the presence of an external magnet compared to samples incubated without a magnet.

Determination of the amount of viable, necrotic, and apoptotic cells after treatment with both SPION types showed a clear dose-dependent decrease in viability for all cell lines Figure 6. Interestingly, despite the strong increase in SPION uptake in the presence of a magnetic field Figure 3Figure 4 and Figure 5only FaDu cells showed a slight decrease in viability, whereas the viability of DetroitA, and SCC-9 cells did not deteriorate in the presence of external magnets.


All cell lines showed a dose-dependent increase in the ao huren paderborn cells with impaired mmp. In addition to viability experiments using flow cytometry, we investigated the effect of SPION treatment on proliferation using impedance- and optical-based life cell imaging Figure 7Supplementary Figure S At the lowest concentration, cell growth was even enhanced, indicating a known effect of SPION-induced enhanced cell growth at lower concentrations that is reduced or abolished at increasing SPION concentrations due to cytotoxic effects [ 34 ].

Impedance-based real-time analysis of cell growth. Finally, after determining SPION-based cytotoxicity, we investigated the biocompatibility of the particles with human blood, which is crucial for potential clinical applications. An important parameter for testing the in vivo suitability of nanomaterials is their influence on the coagulation process. After addition of activated partial thromboplastin time aPPT solution, coagulation was started with CaCl 2 solution and clotting time was automatically monitored Guter sex tipps 8.

H 2 O served as control. After addition of aPTT solution, coagulation vzhh widerruf induced by CaCl 2 solution and coagulation time was automatically measured. We have ly demonstrated the biocompatibility of various SPIONs to different breast cancer cell lines [ 35 ]. In addition, the magnetic properties exhibited parship erfolgsquote response live strip bild magnetic fields, which is a prerequisite for MDT.

While the feasibility and efficacy of MDT have already been demonstrated in vitro, ex vivo, and in animal models [ 2036373839 ], there are only very sparse studies on the use of SPIONs for MDT of head and neck tumors [ 40 ].