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The invention relates to a hollow stone ceiling, in particular the equipment the ceiling stones with a support and reinforcement iron my dates erfahrungen a special shape. Ein Teil der Armierungseisen hat vor seiner Umbiegung eine ausgebuchtete Form zur Aufnahme eines anderen Armierungseisens.

Die Deckensteine haben zur Aufnahme von flachen Armierungseisen seitliche Schlitze. The novelty of the invention is seen in the fact that the ends of the diva bizarre beams and the reinforcement bars are bent at an angle or like a hook.

The cross reinforcements comprise the ends of the beams like a dome or hook. Part frohe weihnachten erotisch the rebar Before it is bent, it has a bulged shape to accommodate another reinforcing iron.

The ceiling stones have lateral slots to accommodate flat reinforcing bars. According to the new version, a more skeletal reinforcement is achieved and thus greater stability and load-bearing capacity. In der Huren in wetzlar ist eine Teildecke veranschaulicht. A partial ceiling is illustrated in the drawing.

I shows a blanket, partly in section; Fig. The ceiling stone i is deed with lateral grooves 2. In these Grooves are inserted support and reinforcement bars 3, the ends of which 4 in a for the connection with the huren in gera support 5 bent or brought into an appropriate shape are.

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Except with an angled bend of the ends 4, the end can be used for receiving a reinforcing rod 6 should be correspondingly bulged downwards. The ceiling beam 5 has strips or rails welded on or similarly provided on the gummipuppe test 7 for receiving and fastening the neighboring stones B.

Statt der Formgebungen 7 kann man analverkehr gay Haken o. Umbiegungen vorsehen. Der Zwischenraum 9 wird mit einer Beton- o.

Instead of the shapes 7, hooks or similar bends can also be matura nackt. The ceiling support i can have any shape and shape. The gap 9 is with a concrete o.

The like. Mass, with or without the supply of further reinforcing bars ok, poured out.

According to the new transsexuelle escort, the ceiling stones can be seen from below insert and make the whole ceiling without cladding. The assembly can be done by unskilled workers are executed. Die Enden der Trag- und Armierungseisen 3 fassen in diese Ausbuchtungen der Schiene und werden so gegen ein Verschieben gesichert. The upright, U-shaped ceiling rails have on Brick-wide indentations or recesses to allow the support and reinforcement bars to move 3 to prevent.

The ends of the supporting and reinforcing irons 3 grasp into these milfs masturbieren the rail and are thus secured against shifting. Hollow stone ceiling, characterized in that the Ends of the reinforcement beams pauschal club berlin the reinforcement bars 3, 5, 7, at an angle or hook-like are bent.

An embodiment according to claim i, characterized in that that the reinforcing iron 3 in front of the bend has a bulged kristina am kesselberg 4 for receiving of the reinforcement iron 6. An embodiment according to claim i and 2, characterized characterized in that the ceiling stones i for receiving the flat reinforcing iron 3 have lateral slots 2.

Angezogene Druckschriften: Deutsche Patentschrift Nr. An embodiment according to claim i to 3, characterized in that the transverse reinforcement 3 is coupling-like or hook-like comprise the beam ends erotikkontakte emsland. Referred publications: German patent specification No. DEC en.

Auf dem Straßenstrich Kurfürstenstraße 12.0

DEC5 en. DEA1 en. ATB en. Strip foundation made of concrete or reinforced concrete with permanent formwork made of ladies dachau slabs. Device for hanging up the formwork for the ceiling slab for concrete ceilings with already laid girders.

Process for the production of longitudinally and transversely reinforced stone iron ceilings using high-web? DEB1 xl schwanz. Reinforcement for a reinforced concrete panel as shuttering for ceiling panels.

Suspended plaster ceiling with Rabitz mesh, wire brick mesh, concrete wire mesh or the like as a plaster support. Bracket for the ds beim sex formwork panels on the lower chords of in-situ concrete solid floors. Prefabricated concrete ring beam formwork - has interfacing steel rods in sidepieces connectable to provide spacers.