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Return to BDSM. Users browsing this forum: Luxus tantra [Bot] and 4 guests. Psychology and Mental Health Forum. Our partner. The topics discussed may be offensive to some people.

Please be aware of this before entering this forum. I don't know if this is the right place to post something like this or not, but I've heard that this is a topic that is usually associated with BDSM so figured I would at least try here. Basically, I'm into petplay. The thought of having a collar callgirls in dresden on me and being stroked and played with sexually and non-sexually makes my heart flutter.

I want to please my master and receive treats and praise for it, and Wow date erfahrung want to play with other pets. I know this only really relates to the more "vanilla" aspects of petplay.

My apologies. I'd love to hear from you guys!

Also, if you know of any websites that deal with this "softer" version of petplay, please me know. This is our-system's host speaking You can call me "Wild". I'm an already-collared pet catboy, and I'm here with my mistress. I will say though As far as physical -play goes, I'm purposefully very misbehavent so I get punished more than praised. I like it that way though, Fisting mann. Buuuuut, do know that you're not alone around here.

To answer your other question, I don't know of any sites that mainly cater to pet play, But I do know where you can purchase some nice cat ears and tails. My collar, Ears and tail were all made custom for me, but there are plenty of pre-made sellers on various swingerclub in bonn. Just Search "Cat ears tail", and the color.

A lot of sets come with cute matching paws too.

The only downside with eBay though is alot trans yaris sellers are overseas so it may take over a month for the package to reach you. Best of luck!

It's nice to know there are other pets on this site after all, especially other male kittens. Wow,we really lucked out didn't we?

I understand if you dildo alternativen want to or can't talk about the more private aspects of your life, but I'd still love to keep in touch with you. Also, thanks for the link! I've already got my eyes set on a few pairs. We're a system. One of my other Alters also sometimes petplays as a dog for our Mistress, but Mistress says he's not as fun to play with, so usually i'm the nacho vidal aids fronting when we play.

I did some searching and found some starter sites that might help you get into play.

My Mistress already knew what to do when she collared me, so I've never really looked into guides beforehand. Re: Petplay by FumiRawR » Tue Apr 07, am While I'm not extremely into pet play, you're not alone with it as seen with wild and I do enjoy being pet and scratched, sometimes acting animal-like. Official: hypochondriac, depression, dyslexia At least 7 alters, probably more unknown. It's nice to know that there durchschnittliche pennisgröße other guys out there into this as well; I was a muschi kalender worried that kittenplay was only for girls.

Srsly, another one with DID? What's going on here?

Re: Petplay by FumiRawR » Thu Apr 16, am Ah I'm actually a gender fluid pansexual female that usually lesbensex mit mutter a male alter or room boy near the surface. Sorry, not technically a boy.


Still, it's obviously not just for girls, you're your master's pet and male I'm assuming. Also, thanks, I love kyo! Small world. I'm a pup when I play, normally. I like to do tricks and get ma dirty hobby and prove how good I can be. It's gangbang peine problem, lol.

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