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As a boy I erotic serie stood out from the other. I loved being a boy, but I had what most people would consider more girlish interests.

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Make sure you understand the idea of Interactive Story before you create fick anzeigen ao. This is not a story request. Until you made some effort into your own story, it is unlikely someone will just drop by and add on their own.

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Exclude Tags. Rating PG. Minimum Score No minimum 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 Direction Ascending Descending. Clear Filters Set Filters. Rated R. Published: Jan 6th, Tags: magic 0 male to female 0 tgtf 0 willing change 0 temporary 0 magical 0 men to women 0 heterosexual 0 gender change 0 mtf 0 tftg 0 pendant pauschal club berlin human 0 gender shifting 0 transgender 0 virgin 0 man to woman 0.

Alex and Victor are both virgins, and would do anything to change that. But one day, they come across a magic pendant that changes everything. Asteria weiblicher cuckold Autumn by tocixcog. Published: Jan 5th, Last Updated: Jan 6th, Tags: bull penis 0 anthro 0 man to anthro cow 0 spa 0 cow 0 feminization 0 massage 0 mtf 0 breast growth 0 udder 0.

Tg transformation stories comics porn

A smooth playboy swings by the island of Asteria with the intention of wooing the powerful witch who resides there. The Stockings by elduderino Published: Jan 5th, Bdsm camp man to woman 0 mtf 0 male to female 0 stockings 0 tgtf 0. An overworked man puts on his favorite pair of stockings.

What Goes Around by lycandope. Rated X. With men cam kostenlos Jan 4th, Tags: transformation 0 playtpus 0 otter 0 beaver 0 duck 0.

After upsetting a god, a woman undergoes a series of erotic trial. The spell book - Part 2 Spanish by lucastf.

Published: Jan 4th, Last Updated: Jan 6th, Tags: female 0 book 0 non english story 0 magic 0 sow 0 naked 0 pig 0 rat transformation 0 involuntary 0 pig transformation 0 animal transformation 0. Soft and Wet: Chapter kosteloser chat by roryrouses. Published: Jan 3rd, Tags: eldritch 0 ass expansion 0 slime transformation 0 breast expansion 0 slime bordell idstein 0 lactation 0 female to slime 0 karma 0.

Finally reaching home after a long and arduous dildo alternativen, Kristen receives an important lesson in slime anatomy from an unwanted house guest.

Triggered by kayemarquet. Tags: mtf 0 man to dog 0 magical transformation 0 dog transformation 0 embarrassment 0 unwilling change 0 humiliation 0 gender change 0. A Patreon story involving a man who, with his kiew sex, indulges in transformations in private with the help of special trigger words that start those transformations.

Geschichte für Niveau B1: Deutsch Lernen

It's a lovely setup until an unfortunate day at work when one of those trigger states gets said and now he has to try and race home before his transformation into dog completes. Gay dresden Quick Fix by tocixcog.

Geschichte für Niveau B1: Deutsch Lernen

Published: Jan 2nd, Tags: multi-breast 0 loss of limbs 0 slug 0 trans woman to sluggirl 0 pussy expansion 0 womanicer pro 0 breast expansion 0 sea slug 0. A trans woman looking for a modeling job has her own reasons for seeking out a company who lets their models be a little 'different'.

Tags: man into woman 0 transgender 0.

Got your goat by sophietg. Tags: goattf 0 woman to goat 0 woman into goat 0 goat transformation 0 goatgirl 0 anthro goat 0. Woman volunteers for a trial with unwanted as her body changes in stages. Hall of Nylca by loop Published: Jan 1st, Tags: mondly premium kostenlos 0 transgender 0 partial transformation 0 ftm 0 goat 0 magical transformation 0 rat 0 tftg 0 mtf 0 yak 0.

A demoness of hedonism grows restless of poor conduct in her temple of lust and desire. Full Pack Pass by intimrasur forum.

Ben's transformation stories

Published: Dec 31st, Tags: muzzle 0 anthro 0 maid 0 furry 0 women to dogs 0 multi-breast 0. Call girl in stuttgart friends checking out a furry con find that their tickets come with free costumes. Published: Dec 30th, Last Updated: Dec 30th, Tags: ice cream 0 woman into inanimate mobile schwabenladies. Let the ice cream get into your head and it may melt you away!

Published: Dec 29th, Tags: unwilling 0 magical transformation 0 dog 0 erotic land 0 incest 0 animal transformation 0. The next of the adventure of Jiana little job.

New Zoo-Behind The Curtain by wallace Erfahrungen tinder Dec 28th, Last Updated: Dec 28th, Tags: drama 0 science 0 female character 0 mad scientist 0 part of series 0 panda 0 scientiist 0 male character 0 adventure 0 mcience 0. Behind every curtain lies many different possibilities!

And between every conspiracy, lies people männer kennenlernen hamburg to maintain it! Check out this worldbuilding focused interquel set between Season 1 and 2 of New Zoo. Published: Dec 27th, Tags: pig tg 0 male to pig 0 sow 0. A man who is a waste of life has his repurposed from a fantastical creature known as the auditor.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Fun in a Bun: Chapter 1 by roryrouses. Tags: breast escort hh 0 female character 0 humiliation 0 rabbittf 0 karma 0 estrus 0 easter 0 ass expansion 0 anthro rabbit 0.

Greta is given a lesson in humility by the Easter Bunny after sabotaging an Kostenlose erotik seiten Egg hunt for children! Contains female to rabbit girl TF, going into heat, egg-laying, ass and breast expansion, big dick fucking and more! The Idol by tocixcog.

Published: Palm beach fkk 26th, Last Updated: Dec 28th, Tags: multi-pussy 0 loss of limbs 0 cluster breasts 0 multiboob 0 body manipulation 0 unsure to willing 0 multiple legs 0. The new hire for an experimental body art exhibit has to get some work done before she can go on display.

Family farm 2 by nowsaymyname. Published: Nutten fl 26th, Last Updated: Dec 27th, Tags: daughter 0 horse 0 vehicle 0 slice of life 0 mother 0 inanimate 0. Published: Dec 26th, Tags: cumflation widder und steinbock sexualität mtf 0 furry 0 vibrator 0 skunk 0 nsfw 0 diaper 0 anthro 0 male to female 0 fursona 0 tgtf 0 man to skunk 0 nonconsensual 0 embarrassment 0 anthro skunk 0 humiliation 0 unwilling to willing 0.

Zylo is excited to enter the Furcity as his big, buff dragon fursona, but something goes wrong in the insertion, begleitservice augsburg him to experience several of his favourite kinks from the other side