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Ästhetischer Frau, die Junge zum Treffen sucht

Started by PandaMunich1 Feb Posted 1 Feb

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Started by Vanessa Broekelschen15 Jan Posted 15 Jan I was hoping there is a place where one could file an official consumer complaint against a company, similar to the Better Business Bureau BBB in America.

I am aware of the Verbraucherzentrale, but it does not appear one can actually file an official complaint there. From what I have read, one must pay a fee and then can get 20 minutes of "advice", which often just in a list of lawyers they recommend you contact, partytreff in gelsenkirchen other "advice" - but nothing where you can document a formal complaint or where anything is investigated - does this not exist in Germany?

After ing inzest extrem I quickly realized it was not for me - the folks on there were simply not what I was looking for, and it was a bad site experience and does not match you at all with any criteria you have input - total waste of time. And escort service münster expensive for what it is it in no way follows through with what is advertised - there is nothing elite about it.

So, I immediately within 10 days cancelled my membership within the Widerruf period. Mind you, I basically did not erfahrungen friendscout it - I responded to two messages and that was gummipuppe test - no other interaction other than reading received messages which were from people that in no way fit my criteria listed on my profile and I mean 0 match.

Blocco temporaneo

Well, of the approx. I of course fought this and they claim that I owe them for the services they provided, and they do not calculate it based on time used even though that is what you are paying for - for the time of the membership but charge you for interactions. Well, I huren in bochum 2 interactions. No, they claim any message, like, etc.

Did you get a mortgage between and ?

So then there is a long exchange of BS and BS terms they share with you which of course are in no mutti wird gefickt transparent, and no they will not share with you how they place a value on these interactions, so very clearly a scam. At this point I flipped and asked what on earth is this for - and they gave me all the same BS that I still owe them for additional interactions and I need to pay this. I cancelled the contract, have not beste singlebörsen anyway used the site, and they already refunded me the amount they felt was due to me already fraudulentand now wohnungsbordelle berlin pull this again?!

Since I had made my bank aware of this, they thankfully were not able to charge my card The exchange with them since has been unbelievable and even threatening on their end.

Official consumer complaints bureau in germany?

They claim they have every right to do this how??? Once a contract is cancelled within the cancellation Widerruf period and they have already returned kontaktanzeigen mit telefonnummer a wrongful amount of money to you, then that should put an end to all, you cannot continue charging for things that did not happen, when one is no longer under contract with them.

So, I am obviously not going to pay - but how should I proceed?

There are lo of users with similar complaints to yours floating about the internet. Although you have the right to cancel your membership within 14 days, EP reserves the right to charge you for messages send and received, checking your profile, putting hessenladies giessen online and whatever else it is they do.

So, what they do after a cancellation whatsapp ausdrucken send you an itemized invoice.


On the one hand, it seems reasonable that EP protects itself from everyone potentially using its services and then cancelling within the statutory 14 days within paying anything, no nut november bedeutet on the other hand, what they charge in case of a "widerruf" seems positively abusive. Do your read German?

The Verbraucherzentrale Hamburg reports that consumers have successfully recovered fees and legal costs begleitservice augsburg EP and Parship through the courts.

You might want to threaten them with taking them to court yourself at their expense reference the existent legal precedents listed in the links so they take you seriously. At the very least, they traudl caff likely to back off, even if you don't follow through on your threat.

Das vorsorge-handbuch

Thanks Smaug - I never received an itemized bill, and the fact ts melinda they are now charging me again after the fact is unbelievable. This ends up being the full amount I paid to extrem tnaflix schlampen with, so they are charging me the full contracted amount for 3 months, less a couple dollars for 10 days and minimal interaction - my dirty hobby login essentially is scamming the Widerruf period - there is no cancellation period or available refund if you charge the full amount in the end.


They must have a lot of money, time and lawyers I guess not everyone will use legal options and also because the next fick mit nutte instance has ruled in favor of Whats sex in a similar case. I second Smaug's suggestion to go through the Verbraucherzentrale - as far as I know this is as close to the BBB as one can get.

Also, this could be something to take to your Rechschutzversicherung. If you don't have it already it's too late, but if you do carry a policy, you may be able to get some tantra passau from them.

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Life in Hamburg. Official Consumer Complaints Bureau in Germany?

Started by Vanessa Broekelschen15 Jan scam elitepartner. Hello, I was hoping there is a place where one could file an official consumer complaint against nackter steifer penis company, similar to the Better Business Bureau BBB in America.

Sorry for the rant, and thanks for your help.

Share this post Ballbusting deutsch to post Share on other sites. I don't know about an equivalent of the BBB in Germany.

I don't think that exists. I second Smaug's suggestion to go through the Verbraucherzentrale - as far as I know this is as gay roayl to the BBB as one can get Also, this could be something to take to your Rechschutzversicherung. Register a new .

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