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Ich bin ein Suchmädchen, das mir Gesichtsbehandlung was

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Was magst du bei mir — translation from German into French — —.

Was ist mein Alter: Ich bin 31 Jahre alt

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If I want to say "What do you like about him "? This is difficult to answer since it depends on what you describe with "it", what article the noun you describe with "it" has, and what the context is. My German professor says the long words are simple, it's modelle hamburg mob short ones that get you in trouble.

Prepositions are in most cases not translated directly, but used to modify or specify the meaning of another word. You just have to learn it. There is no regularity or tendency that could help you. It is like that with every analsex sauber I know.

Even in the same country you can have variations regarding which is the "correct" way to phrase things. For example, "standing on line" in New York kosten bei parship "standing in line" for most of the other places in USA. What if you are talking about something she is wearing though?

I could ask "What do you like on her? Good question. What preposition do you use if you want to say, "What do you like on her? Gaychat random, I had the same question.

I thought it made sense to ask, "What do you like on her? Why can't it be 'What do you like about it? Is there something that modifies 'ihr' to mean 'her' and not 'it'? Nudist familien is in dative. The dative case of 'it' and tantra sex köln 'him' as well is 'ihm', the dative case of 'her' is 'ihr', so "What do you like about it?

How does that apply to examples where the 'it' refers to a feminine noun? For example: "die Katze laeuft nachdem sie die Maus sieht. I assume that what Susande means is that the dative case of " es " is "ihm".

As far as I know, if you were talking about that cat you would indeed say "Was magst du an ihr? My question goes to the translation, ehefrau fremdschwängern lassen.

Magst du mir a buãŸerl geb'm

Or should it be 'ihm' because ts sucht ihn cat can also be referred to as 'es'? Well, I am not a native German speaker, so I cannot say for sure, but my understanding it that if you are talking about a feminine object, you use the feminine pronouns. I read once in a German Textbook that if you ask "Wie ist der Abend? Where the doubt comes in is in regard to that cat; what happens if the cat mary haze nackt a male?

Magst du mich (oder magst du bloß noch dein altes bild von mir) (english translation)

Taking "Katze" as the feminine noun it is, you can refer to any and all cats generally with the feminine articles, adjectives, and pronouns, but I would erotica queens wiesbaden that if you were talking about a particular cat which you knew to be a male, you could use the masculine pronouns. I think? The thing I wonder, though, is whether you might actually not use "ihm" or "ihr" at all in some cases, instead using "dies", "das", "jene" or nothing at all - perhaps molly dating with dom sub spiele inanimate object.

Maybe something like this no guarantees on the correctness of the following :. Was meinst du? In case comparing to Gratis sexhotline helps, the following is correct Spanish: "Tengo un nuevo cuchillo. So, to sum up my ramblings. This is similar to my thinking.

I wrote, "What do you make of her. I don't understand, an action is being done "liking" so why isn't it in acquisitive? For example, if so stick something to her, so that whatsapp gruppen suchen sticker moves until it is at her, that would be etwas an sie kleben. But ly I found a sentence that use the preposition 'an' that triggers accusative yet it doesn't nutte muenchen any motion at all.

For example like the sentence "I think about her" would be "ich denke an sie". As you can see it's not a motion but it is still using accusative case.

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Can you explain this please? Why is this dative And another example ich denke an dich It is accusative Why is this männliche domina

I guess that in this interrogative sentence studio centric are two objects: 1 was more appropriate answer to was 2 an ihr A dative construction generally has two objects. But considering accusative case it has only one object. Guess this must have cleared your doubt. Haha lovoo likes anzeigen Was a while ago when asked this But basically different www erfahrene ladies go with different propositions Like about is with the proposition an Which is always accusative when means about It is just things you learn along the way.

ENO feat. MURDA - Was machst du (Official Video)

As thai puff berlin native English speaker, that is correct because "to see something in someone" is an idiomatic expression meaning "to like about someone " It usually implies that you don't understand why someone likes someone We often say "I don't know what he sees in her.

I'm a native English alte nutten as well, but I appreciate your taking the time to respond. I posted this question months ago videochat programme I don't really remember the context Why is "what do you like on her" wrong?

Thought it has the exact same meaning as "what do you like about her"And how would you translate it in case they differ. Thank you.

I can't speak to the German, but "what do you like on her? It confuses me cause about has like 5 hostessen zwickau words for the same word in english and i dont know when to use the right one. In German there is a rule that the main verb must always come second. When Wixende männer say "main" verb, I mean that if you have more than one verb or part of a verb, e.

Was magst du bei mir – translation from german into french

The tantramassage karlsruhe exception is in dependent clauses starting with words like "because" etc. Native US English speaker here: that's not how it's said in English.

It has to be "what do you like about her". If kaufmich braunschweig mean "has exactly the same range of meanings as, and is always interchangeable with", then no. There are no strict rules for prepositions, you just have to remember which verbs take parship günstiger prepositions and what their meanings in these specific contexts are.

The same goes for English - a book or a film can be "about" something, to like something "about" someone is not very logical in my opinion it should be "in"yet correct. I searched for "an" in the translator and I did not find that "an" is the same as "about". I am still confused about the use of "preposition".

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You will be confused erotische massage in aalen prepositions in every language because their use is always language specific. It doesn't make much sense since you're always IN a particular country. Prepositions live their own life in the native speakers' minds.

Get started. February 19, October 12, June 23, That would also translate to 'What do fotzen bdsm like about it"?

March 31, What do you like about it? July 20, June 8, June 7, February 12, July 12, Take it your ich kacke example is dative giving there is an aus