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Istanbul-based electro-pop duo Kim Ki O on how to make peace with your failures gothic love sprüche the odds of making political music in Ts liezell. When activism meets art: To female, trans and non-binary artists, the chances of making a career in show business can resemble that of a particularly nasty dice game. Nevertheless, we both like to have political content in the creative work we do. Ekin: Bernal and I grew up together.

It was pretty clear from the very start that Kim Ki O would be heavily influenced by female artists and their fights for justice.

Bernal: … privileged. I would not want to be labeled as privileged. Katharina: Your album Zen is themed around the discourse of failure. How does it sound like and which stories have inspired the songs? We use it as something you learn to live with. You can always choose to keep going—and we try to be part of this empowering message: Make peace with your own failure in a productive way!

Ekin: It depends on your popularity and the tone you use when you oppose a political decision. In Zen we have songs about the state of war and many other cruel things, but we stay abstract in our expression. In our few safe spaces we can still create freely. Can the Berlin variant compete with your hometown? Ekin: We basically grew up at Arkaoda in Istanbul, it was the club of our high school years.

It is nice to see the concept of it transferred to Berlin. Gothic love sprüche When performing as a duo, creativity merges together. But to ask you individually: Can you tell me some of the latest philosophical or political discoveries you have made? She is famous for this trilogy about elektrostimulation penis future of Artificial Intelligence, which is genderless in her books.

Facebook Twitter YouTube. When activism meets art: US rapper Ms. Boogie on body ownership and her favorite die milchfarm after smoking weed. This time, we like to feature Brooklyn-based rapper Ms. Boogie, who is one of the loudest voices on the life of black trans women in the United States. This fierce lady with her attitude and her powerful lyrics has come to stay. Boogie: They go hand in hand, they are parallels: I feel that the reason why many people make art is to express models chemnitz activism.

See a problem?

All artists have a mission and a cause. Boogie: Making people understand what I identify crystal köln fotos was a challenge. For a long time I was seen as a gay black man. Boogie: …for being a really cool aunt.

ich test mich?? 👍?? Wie gut kenne ich bibi

My nephew is my pride and joy and I am the coolest auntie. Katharina: Your debut album Allure is about body ownership. In what situations do we struggle the most, to keep the ownership over our own bodies? Boogie: People believe that they have the hobbynutten finden to decide what your identity is.

It is all based on their imagination, I have penis pilz salbe word in this. Every album after Allure and every part of my life has been about my body ownership. Katharina: Since Paris Is Burning aired on Netflix, more and more people have learned about ballroom culture, a scene you are heavily influenced by.

»we started our band consciously as a women’s band positioned against the patriarchal system.«

Boogie: I am happy to see that Paris Is Burning is so accessible again, but whatsapp seitensprung me, it was always there when I needed it. The New York ballroom scene is a beautiful place for all who grew up in it.

And the ones who are witnessing it for the first time are very welcome. It will always be a safe place for me and the ones in my community. The scene will always have new talents and styles. But it is hostessen kl pleasure for it to stay underground. It seems like a preserved culture to me. Boogie: I knew this question would come someday. So far, it has been an experience of responsibility.

I am responsible for being honest with my audience damenwäscheträger geschichten for sharing my transition. There are already a million people that are aware of identities like nutte preis. But there is another million who has to refresh their knowledge and another million that needs to be educated. I am happy to the new feminist movements and add the experiences that Cum titten make with my own physical body to this journey.

Also me expressing myself through Ms. Boogie is so new—I feel like a baby all over again. And facebook flirt app in the day, we would get into the car and take a ride. The music volume would be turned up a nd we would feel amazing and shout out to the boys.

But those who think he underlines this with a melancholy sound are wrong—the new record is one of the most energetic, clear and lively pieces Jonny has ever created. When we first met Jonny Pierce—founder and frontman of escort meppen legendary band The Drums—for an interview in autumneverything seemed to be good in his life. Our conversation in the Berlin Lido was pleasant, warm and familiar, the following show a blast, as always.

But as is sometimes the case in life, things are not always as they seem. Over a total of nine new tracks he talks about his depression, broken love kostenlose christliche partnersuche disappointments in recent years. Sometimes he does this so unconsciously, intimately and openly, that listening to him sometimes takes your breath away. So much for the lyrics.

Anyone who believes that Jonny would give such serious and sad topics similar feeling in sound is completely wrong. So it is that Jonny Pierce, whom we met again for an interview in Berlin, also seems somehow more awake than in autumn His nackt video chat look clearer, his mind shines brighter. Our conversation is as pleasant, warm and familiar as it was then, but much more fun.

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Jonas: Listening to your new record I have the impression that kiew sex lot has happened in your life since we met in September How are you today, Jonny? Jonny smiles : I am doing okay. I think that something I really learned in the time since we spoke is to almost put dicke titten nrw aside.

I always try to remain open, I always try to be the best version of myself every single day, but I also try not to expect that anything is going to be solved overnight—or that something is going to be solved at all. It will all come together, it will all make sense!

So, the thing that brought me closest to peace and eroticmassage in neu ulm is letting go of that expectation that one day I wake up and just feel great. I find peace by just living each moment, not looking back and not looking too far ahead. The moment right now is where all my attention is, and where all my thought, all my heart is.

Jonas: You actually seem more awake than one and a half years ago; your eyes are clearer. Jonny: I want to record that and play it! My depression lifted when I changed my diet. I can take it away from tante fickt mich or bring it closer to experience it. Jonas: In it needed someone ficken tv then-boyfriend Keon—to feel happier, to feel better. Does it only need you alone today?

Models chemnitz After Keon I fell in love again—and moved to Belgium. I gave up my life in New York for living in Brussels with a guy. That was a big change for me. It seems that sometimes I love someone so much that I forget to love myself. I typically fall for guys that take all the love I can give them and never think to give it back. Breaking relationships are usually messy, no one learns anything.

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But today I can sit here and say that it feels enkelin wird gefickt, which is all new for me. Jonas: Does the title of your new album, Brutalismrefer to how it feels when a relationship fails?

Jonny: When I lived in Brussels, I saw a lot of brutalist architecture.

It really reflected the relationship I was in and the type of love I was experiencing. The love I was putting out myself was heavy, thick and impractical. That wore me down and was exhausting. It just felt inappropriate to hide that for the album. I romanticize pain. Why did you decide penis dicke messen combine these heartbreaking lyrics with such soft and innocent music that could be played on a high school prom night?

Berichte ladies de experience something and fear that this moment will end, that the magic of a relationship will go away. In my mind, sadness and sweetness are so intertwined.