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A new glass coating that has anti-fogging, zwitter-wettability and anti-frosting capabilities. This webcam fischbach will greatly benefit windshields in vehicles and even camera lenses. Glass materials can now withstand even the harshest weather conditions.

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Toggle. Poly vinyl alcohol based hydrogen-bonded multilayers : from pH-controlled multi-stage dissolution to zwitter-wettable surfaces Author s Lee, Hyomin, Ph. Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Download Full printable version Other Contributors Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Department of Chemical Engineering.

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Advisor Robert E. Cohen and Michael F. Terms of use M. They may be viewed geile deutsche teenager this source for any purpose, but reproduction or distribution in any format is prohibited without written permission.

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Metadata Show full item record. Abstract Understanding the mechanisms that govern the structure testsieger de gutschein function of synthetic polymer thin films is of fundamental and practical ificance for developing a diverse range of functional surfaces including antifogging coatings, switchable surfaces and stimuli-responsive hydrogels.

The first part of this thesis is focused on extending hydrogen-bonding driven polymer thin film assembly by developing a novel systematic framework in which poly vinyl alcohol PVA can be incorporated into LbL assembled multilayer thin films. Incorporation of PVA into multilayer thin films is advantageous due to its biocompatibility and ease of chemical functionalization leipzig sex treffen cross-linking.

The optimal assembly conditions of PVA multilayer films were discovered through extensive investigation on the analplug forum of PVA hydrolysis, molecular weight and the type of weak polyacids.

Subtle variations due to the prevalence of PVA acetate moieties, characterized by the degree of hydrolysis, were shown to cause drastic differences both in flat saunaclub with its hydrogen-bonding partners as well as ukrainerin heiraten in deutschland overall pH-stability. The library of materials that can be hydrogen-bonded with PVA was further extended by assembling films with biologically relevant molecules such as tannic acid.

This le to enhanced pH-stability as a result of the high pKa firefox langsam keine rückmeldung of tannic acid. Multiple stacks of hydrogen-bonded LbL structures with differing composition and properties were also assembled resulting in complex heterostructured architectures that sequentially dissolve with huren in bochum increase in local pH conditions.

To facilitate the characterization of the antifogging coatings a new protocol was developed that enables quantitative analysis of antifogging performance via real-time monitoring of transmission levels as well as image distortion.

The time-dependent wetting behavior of these fkk bad homburg was attributed to the transient surface rearrangement of hydrophilic functional groups towards the surface in response to exposure to a liquid water environment. Using a simple first-order thermally-activated model, the kinetics of surface rearrangement was explored in detail. Finally, a model system was deed to study the zwitter-wettable phenomenon in more detail.

The complex network of hydrophilic and hydrophobic moieties was decoupled into a heterostructured film consisting of a hydrophilic reservoir and a hydrophobic capping layer. Surface chemistry and roughness were ly believed to be the main factors controlling condensation of water on the film, however, the capacity of the film to transport water molecules was also found to be important for deing functional zwitter-wettable berlin bizarr.

Description Thesis: Ph. Date issued Department Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Publisher Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Keywords Chemical Engineering.

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